Happy Birthday Virgil Donati! Drum Grooves 4 and 5

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Published on: October 22, 2012

The fifth edition of the ‘Drummer’s Birthdays’ series celebrates Virgil Donati’s 54th! (Oct. 22, 2012) He is perhaps best known for his contributions to prog/metal bands such as Planet X. I first saw him play on a video he had released called ‘Power Drumming’ back in the early ’90’s when I was just starting to learn the drums. His technical skills were way beyond what I could even comprehend at the time and his explanations of playing in odd time signatures went over my head. Still, with time, I managed to benefit a great deal from his video – not so much from the technical exercises and displays of sheer power, but by instilling in me the focus and discipline it takes to improve on the instrument.

The first half of this video demonstrates a groove that I still remember from the ‘Power Drumming’ video. It has some stick-spinning silliness in it; I’m not terribly adept at stick tricks as they are not practical for my usual work, but I figured since it is a big part of Virgil’s style that I should give it a try! The second half is a groove I came up with that is more in the New Orleans/Stanton Moore style, but with some of Virgil’s stick spins. Enjoy!

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Mike Carroll proudly endorses Los Cabos
Mike Carroll proudly endorses Los Cabos

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