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Exit Stage Left…

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Published on: July 22, 2013

The Rush concert last Sunday (July 14, 2013) was even better than I imagined! The set list, though heavy on their mid-eighties material at first, spanned most of their almost 40 year career. They even added a couple of my favourites! (The Pass, Dreamline) The tickets that I won (see post below) ended up being 9th row centre which gave me and Jay Freake a perfect view of the action. The tickets I had purchased went to my brother and his wife. They had to relocate because their view was impeded by some tall folks, but really enjoyed the show once they got resituated.

The whole experience felt rather surreal. After so many years of being a fan, I finally got to see them in person virtually in my own backyard. The performance was nearly flawless and was heightened by some amazing lighting, pyro, and giant video screens. At times, I wished the sound was better, but they were playing in a hockey rink after all. I did notice that the sound seemed to improve for the second set. I’m not sure if it was because the sound was tailored to suit the heavier edge of the new material, (set two consisted mainly of songs from 2012’s Clockwork Angels) or if it was just a figment of my poor abused (mostly self-inflicted!) ears’ imagination.

During the show, I developed a whole new respect for them. To see and hear three guys 60 years of age (or close) perform that well for that long (about 3 hours) was nothing short of astounding. The show also included a special appearance by the Trailer Park Boys in the middle of YYZ that electrified the crowd. I am so glad I was able to catch them on this tour because it is difficult to say how much longer they can keep going. However, if this show serves as evidence, I’d say they still have plenty left in the tank.

Our view:


The Professor in fine form:


Yours truly and Neil’s drums:


Brought to you by the letter ‘ewe’.

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