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Happy Birthday Aaron Spears! Drum Groove 6, Drum Lick 8

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Published on: October 26, 2012

I’m feeling a little under the weather today, but that won’t stop me from posting another video! This one was particularly difficult for me as I am not accustomed to playing R&B/gospel type grooves and fills, and it took me the longest to learn. (doesn’t help that I am functioning at less than 100%) I think it turned out pretty good considering…

Aaron Spears is 36 today! (Oct. 26, 2012) This video demonstrates the now famous fill that he played at the Modern Drummer Festival weekend in 2006 on the Usher track entitled ‘Caught Up’. I play six bars of groove before the one and a half bars of fill. Thanks Mr. Spears for kicking my sick ass!

This is the 6th edition of the ‘Drummer’s Birthdays’ series.

Happy Birthday Bill Stewart! Drum Licks 6 and 7, Drum Groove 3 – Multicam

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Published on: October 18, 2012

The fourth installment of the ‘Drummer’s Birthdays’ series celebrates Bill Stewart’s 46th. (Oct 18, 2012) Bill, without a doubt, has been the greatest influence on my jazz playing. His creativity and precision are second to none and he has a very identifiable sound. I first discovered him through a random cd purchase while still in high school. I immediately fell in love with his playing as well as his compositions (one of which I performed at my St.FX graduation recital) and soon bought everything I could find that had him playing drums. I actually got to see him perform in a duo setting during my first year at X and was amazed with the musicality and almost telepathic level of improvisation between him and pianist Bill Carrothers. He is perhaps best known for his work on some outstanding albums with guitarist John Scofield.

The first clip in the video is an idea he employs often in solos. I play it at full tempo first, then slower to illustrate the sticking, then at full speed again. The second clip is another solo idea that he orchestrates in several clever ways. I demonstrate two of them at fast and slow tempos. The last clip is a quick demonstration of a groove he plays on a track called ‘Crosstalk’ from his album ‘Snide Remarks’. (The one I bought in high school) The second half demonstrates the sticking. It is a very complicated rhythm in that he is playing it as a 6 over 4 crossrhythm while the feet play dotted quarters continuing over the barline. I’m sure I’ve lost the non-musos at this point, but what are you doing on a drummer’s site anyway?! : )

Have a good one, Bill!

Update – I’ve had many requests for notation, particularly for the first lick, so I’ve decided to include (poorly) handwritten transcriptions below. The first one is kind of an approximation, but gets the job done. I also jotted down the stickings where necessary.

Bill Stewart Licks

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